The mission of Peloton Institute is to offer cost-effective, comprehensive, and relevant online education for professionals within the Information Technology Asset Management markets. Our interdisciplinary approach fosters practical knowledge as well as critical thinking skills significant to the work environment.

Peloton Institute’s institutional goals are to:

  • Provide high value training and certificates based upon the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) Best Practice Library.
  • Establish an enrollment system that offers learning opportunities to all applicants who have a desire to learn and improve their personal status and who have a reasonable likelihood of success in the Peloton Institute’s programs.
  • Provide learners with instructors and advisors that have qualified academic backgrounds and successful professional experience who can guide learners in managing contemporary challenges.
  • Prepare learners to be ITAM managers and leaders who can have a significant impact on their organizations.
  • Conduct a system of continuous quality improvement based upon feedback provided from employees, instructors, learners, employers, and other interested parties of the community. 

Peloton Institute offer scheduling flexibility, cost savings, and the knowledge necessary for today's ITAM professionals to excel in their fields. All of Peloton’s courses are offered online for your convenience, allowing for a method of learning that offers unique pedagogical advantages over facilities-based learning models. 

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