Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  Will this course prepare me for one of the IAITAM certification exams?

A.  No, the Peloton Advanced Training courses focus on specific aspects of the best practice library, this is a deeper dive into a specific best practice and is a knowledge base complement to the certifications.

Q.  How long does it take to complete the Peloton Certificate of Advanced Study?

A.  The certificate requires that you complete at least two courses within the program. Courses start on every other Friday and are 16 days in duration. You set your own pace during the course, you may finish as quickly as you like as some students do... or allow yourself the full amount of time, if you desire. It depends on the amount of time you can devote to your studies, and on your individual speed of learning. We will work with you at whatever speed you find most suitable.

Q.  Do I need an IAITAM certification to take a Peloton course?

A.  Absolutely not. Many students take Peloton courses to gain an expertise in a specific area related to asset management. Some students take Peloton courses as a form of introduction to the discipline while others extend the knowledge they already have to gain an expertise in a specific area.

Q.  Do I need a high school diploma or college degree?

A.  No. Peloton courses are open to all individuals regardless of academic background.

Q.  How do I know the total cost of program ... and how do I pay for it?

A.  The total tuition fees for are clearly stated on the course and program enrollment forms. There are no extras to pay for; no unpleasant surprises. And many of our graduates report that the information gained in the Peloton courses pays for itself almost immediately in business savings. Payment for each course is done online via credit card through the online learning platform.

Q.  Why choose Peloton for online ITAM training?

A.  Our comprehensive courses are written by our own instructors and is designed to impart to the student the knowledge needed to understand the theory and concepts of ITAM best practices in each subject area. Further, the curriculum is based upon the published best practice library from the recognized world leader in the ITAM space, the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM).

Q.  Are your training courses approved by the IAITAM?

A.  Yes. We work closely with experts from the field and within the IAITAM organization to ensure the online training we deliver meets and exceeded the training requirements in the field. Each Peloton course is independently reviewed by the IAITAM organization for quality prior to delivery.

Q.  I'm working towards a college degree. Will your course be accepted for college credit?

A.  Each school has its own criteria for accepting portfolio credit. We have designed our curriculum at a graduate skill level, but because of the concise duration and specific practical application of our courses, they are not designed to transfer into college programs. However, we shall be happy to send a transcript of your record and information about our training program to the school of your choice should you make that request.

Q.  I am interested in subscribing to your training program for one or more of my employees. Can you help me?

A.  Yes. Because of the difficulties in obtaining qualified ITAM staff members, firms enroll selected members of their staff in our training program. Others encourage their employees to enroll on their own by offering partial or complete tuition reimbursement upon satisfactory completion of the course. We offer special terms for employer-sponsored enrollments; write, call or E-mail us for details.