Exceptional Online Training

Peloton Institute understands your learning needs as a working ITAM professional and your desire to have relevant opportunities for lifelong learning. We also understand the pride you have in your accomplishments, in your proven capabilities to direct your own life, and in your potential as someone who can grow in today’s rapidly changing work environments.

Peloton is an authorized training provider for IAITAM and is the only authorized online provider for the IAITAM Best Practices Library.

Network as you learn. Interact with respected technology leaders and fellow professionals from around the globe, and apply what you have learned right away in your professional environment. 

Learning online is different from traditional learning. Online learning gives you the opportunity to dialogue with your fellow professionals and with instructors in a way that lecture-based learning does not. With online learning, learners participate in discussion rather than following a lecturer’s presentation while simultaneously trying to take notes. Instructor’s serve as facilitators—rather than being the focal point in class—and allow groups of working professionals to share insights on the problems at hand.  The instructors and learners work closely together to create a true learning community.

Peloton’s online courses are offered starting every other Friday, synchronizing your classroom interaction with your instructor and fellow professionals from around the world. Log on and you are part of a virtual meeting of like-minds that allows you to collaborate, understand, and share insights. 

Peloton Institute offers education to learners in all 50 US states as well as around the globe. 

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