Project Mgmt Advanced Training Course

The Project Management advanced course of instruction is based on the information and practices contained in the IAITAM Best Practice Library (IBPL) Project Management volume 5 which defines Project Management as an organized and managed set of activities that results in the achievement of a unique and well defined resultant work product or deliverable, all completed through a controlled and well planned process.

Project Management can be defined as the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that those resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within a defined scope, time and within cost constraints. 

In this Advanced Course you will learn the factors that separate a project from normally recurring operational activities, the importance of selecting an effective project team, how to choose those people, and the specifics of how and why Project Management is such an integral part of IT Asset Management.  


  • Review of ITAM Program Concepts
  • Introduction to the ITAM Professional Code of Ethics
  • Overview of Scope, Roles, and Definitions for this Key Process Area (KPA)
  • Review of KPA Workflow
  • Access to Best Practice Templates & Worksheets
  • Development of Projects to Establish/Improve KPA
  • Review of Available Technology to Support KPA
  • Business Area Assessment Specific to Students Business
  • Development of  Buy-in Pitch based upon the Business Assessment

Discussion and sample projects including: Project Charter, Project Resource Selection Process, Project Closure Report, Project Monitoring, SWOT, Benefit and Cost Checklist, benefit evaluation chart, Business Case, Business justification Review, Project Management Projects, Project Change Process, Post Project Review, Project Risk Management. Technology that will enhance the Project Management Process Area, and Executive Buy-in. 

This Virtual IBPL Advanced Training course consists of the following:

  • IAITAM Best Practice Library for this Key Process Area
  • CD containing Policy Management Templates, Workflows, Diagrams and Whitepapers 
  • Series of video lectures
  • Access to full time instructors as needed
  • Review of ITAM concepts 
  • Self-evaluation exercise that incorporates best practices to uncover immediate business value for you and your organization
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